Patricia Sue Mclarand aura allah
The Rose of Ireland: Allah – Light of Heaven
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The Rose of Ireland is a serious study about the Creation fall from its Heaven's owner. The ‘I Are Land’ unity to creation on high.  It was a crime to all the inhabitants of Heaven and the Pure Planet’s Plan. It pertains to the actual Commanded Law of Creator and originated too high up for most to know about. It took time to unveil. The reports herein were submitted to the law structure of America.

Hopes are to enlighten and return us to our right roles and scenery and purer minds. Not to have to make monies to survive when Heavens God is here. The Light of a Rose is this growing up anew to our thoughts about heavens pureness. The ‘I Are Land’ is us on High once.  It fell by a crime not a simple ‘trespass’.  It’s not allowed and all has to be returned to the right authority.  My person in light is called America and holds the trust to our Commanders Oath of Allegiance.  All our pureness was betrayed by a ‘single tyrant’ to covert actions against ‘us’….by placing its knee on the throne of light.  To have it out in the open and a known is to my transparency to representing I, myself and guardians up the serious ones to their beloved eternal law endowing and protecting.  Not a Jesus title, no, not at all!

A planet is in the Heavens to be its owners own and then all is right. There is a esteemed entourage here in reincarnated persons who know they should have their right administrative services to them in roles that are everlasting. These are ‘heavenly lights’ living here presently, like the Kennedy’s and should politely live under the I Am That I Am. Until then, all the heavens inhabitants here are subjected to amnesia not right to them or anyone then there under … and it is time to bring this to order and these precious beloved ones home.
THE AUTHORS PRESENCE TO THE ROSE OF IRELAND; Patricia Sue McLarand spent many years in the late 1960’s among John Anthony Fusek. The two were the re- incarnates of Jesus and John the Baptist and knew it. There adventures in Heavens scenery were beautiful and more lovely and kind than anyone imagines. These pursued Truths like ones ought to and among John Lennon knew “nothing is real”. It took her up to the present to unveil the mystery of their lives sake and the fall of the Heavens creation. This pertains to enormously endowed gentle beings of light, to their own ‘I Am’ That… in a actual likeness.

Heavenly light is where these are to be residing always and there has to be a respectable Domain Estate built here on the earth for these two and their own constituents to be living in their owner’s eternal life. Her first book The Gardens of Allah brought accolade in the Nobel Institute for lifting up the minds of the U to U R. She knew she was telling more about the unknown spectrums of the mind than anyone’s ability to know before. Including her! It’s not easy to attend a transmission lights transference from a heaven align, and not suggested. One here is enough and to serve to it, is suggested. Her hope is that these writings will advance The Honest Creation and it is serious. It should not ever have been other than Heavenly Creator leading us always. It is rightful property to the planetary system of Allah.  Only a tiny amount of a mind is allowed anyone until we have our right roles align and then the panorama will be seen…  

The Gardens of Allah: Entering the Heavens Heavenly Earth
ISBN: 9781425970543   81/2” x 11” Color - Author House
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The Gardens of Allah comes from our Guard in a’ Ah and a La’ …in the primordial mind in heaven. It is a treatise of contents that are new to the earth and marvelous to be in. They are ‘The Beginning Creation’ in a relevance to the Law of the Commander in Chief, the Gods Head. Presented by one of the two… immortals alone able to transmit these content’s. They are not easily read as progressions are to these writings that are yet to come. Still, they are the closest anyone on the earth has to the owner’s mind and its own creation here and have some actual teaching paths up to eternal life.

A Transmission mind is a higher intelligence, not easy to explain. It is higher than anyone can go. And nice is someone is here that is able and has served it and keeps learning how to improve in returning The Commanded Law ~ the true path to Heaven. Lots of awards come with goals in the Creator’s mind and these are how the prayers of the great ones…are answered. To have enjoyed these attainments is a real nourishing to a mental clearness and yes, there are many accomplishing in here. I would like us in America to know about the kinder relation to ‘I Am That I Am’ and onwards…on up to a Kings own planetary mentality and real regal sights. To go up in the merits process of the original person, A Preceptor Paths- Ruler ship Dome is how to enter The Kingdom of Heaven and unto becoming celestial angels to gods light …thus, belonging to The Gods Head on high and this is immaculate training to a new beginning here. Something of a real… phenomena.

The Garden’s of Allah has a land called ‘Rose Lands. These are not here…not quite yet. Though some grand hotels look like these abodes and were intended to be ours to palatial Home’s…to the purer natural airs and majestic scenery. It is where we should live in simple and normal connection to The Law King staff of service and servers. It is the right holistic place to be at home on earth to a orderly, kind leisure to a higher reason for….the entire starry sky heaven. This is not just a small solar system…that is all there is till we grow up some more and learn how to live. It is to a kind Law King and its own eternity to calm and quiet airs of wonder and united in the wonderful magnificence and mentality of all our own personal lights… in soft purer inter-disciplinary contents. That this ‘light’ in us is connected to the sky and me…so thus it is my privilege to unite us again to home.…So light, so brilliantly awesome; ones need little to be enormously…content in. Real lights are these minds that are ours and the laws and teachings and rules are real kind to respects both to know and grow in and learn to promote…for heaven’s sake is real, again. It is all there is to real life. All praise be to ye … Ah La Law and to Law Gods own presence to here, to me…to its own ownership….in the first breath of airs….I dearly Am …air to his…. eternal light.
THE AUTHORS PRESENCE TO THE GARDENS OF ALLAH; Patricia has accomplished many high degrees in educations and serving roles here, probably like many who might read these treatises. Real serious in academic and literary pursuits, the truth…had to be known. So, I entered the search up to even knowing my own writings in past lives. Some in archives of deep Asia up to scholarly recordings of mystic light…on into the chronology of ascension… to today…. the present creation fore front. These brought me up to a higher minded entity inside of a ‘lights law’ who enlightened me to higher and higher real realities…that I should have known all through time… probably. The collection of essays here are some of the precious revealing of this supreme entity, in kindest law…that it be the co-creator’s the primordial command light and a mentality too qualitative and too refined to be here in its own person. Yet dearly it is and worthy of all attempts to come to it and it to transmit its reasons for u, and certainly… all of us to serve up to its pleasing satisfaction. To have attained to this level of insights is not easy to tell…. It is complicated to enter a primordial state. The author is someone else here known. It is highly motivational and considerate in all kinder pursuits and it is hoped to mature humanity to the real causes for a light to be here in. To serve and strive together… onward Angels…is the goal.

Yes, my life is real important…to me and to all beings…And this is how I am in honesty to present a story of my own representing I Am light. Not the biblical type of storytelling either…that was broken partners to the Primordial Law. The ‘I Am’ is the beginning and is alone in its pureness… the ever after. It is immortal time, and ones all in all…should know their ‘I Am that’…in real reasons for them….closer and dearer to them then they can know alone or by anyone other than the Primordial Minds…I Am. And then pursue united to the right realities…and it is terrific to get to write a book…even a entrée to a oneness is phenomenal. A Heavens Earth…is what it is all about…

Appreciations are in the Landscape Architects of America, and to a refinery of quality in their attentions to us all…and we are polite, in these. Onwards Ho! … To A Garden’s of Allah Story Lands! About, Yes… Siam! And it is Jesus…in its present life’s time.