Patricia Sue Mclarand aura allah

Donations to The Primordial Person and Law King to Heaven


~ Patricia Sue McLarand ~     and has a B of A account     
Thank you, everyone

A donation here is one method of aiming or attaining to ones own eternal light in a hereafter.  It is a responsible method to enhance the legal representative 'I Am' to a tithing or a 'thank you' in it.

The actions herein ascend the creation to the Creator's goals in sky haven in proper and polite protocol paths.  These will be taught when the time is right to.  In meritoriousness paths the usual polite and gentle person is behaved, always.  And it is to this we want to enhance the knowledges on the land, then its to seeing a nice presence always or a cleanliness, or knowing higher educations, etc.  These paths take time and some resources and are not real easily attained to so one way to ascend is to support this one until able to enter into its actuary role.... It is A Golden Rule Creation.  

This should have always been the One to whom ones are grateful to (in any name or a 'aim' in those...that they should have been to a primordial goal and lots of educations have to be returned to in significance to this, including the geologic history of the planetary condition.  It is to a return policy in this one... being The Primordial Person of the creation's endowing.  To normalcy it have been a 50 to 50 sharing as in the sharing of the goals of creator’s creation on High, and going up in a ongoing 'Preparing a Place for Thee'... to the eternal I Am entities above all.  My own energy is this planets endowing in origin to a light inside of mine or then anyone enable them to be alive. Then we share the unity goals to the Gods Head whom is the Higher Light above all of this.  It is to its honor we are to be serving to, and to making a Estate Dome to its liking and ability to be here among us as carries the transparency form of eternal law.  I serve up to his and others are to serve up to mine.. in a pyramid fashion.