Educated in California at USC and graduated from UCLA 1967 in a five year curriculum in Medical-Biological Illustration under the kind supervision of Mildred Mathias at the Botanical Gardens, and then later on certified to a Landscape Architecture Design career with honors, her pursuits in the many varied Arts and Sciences have been to a Ascension of Law Light, to a primary.

This in and among many years in time to a timelessness pursuing cognizance to the Heaven on Earth spiritual container and archives in paths to yoga, transitions, holistic healing, nutritions, enlightenments, geomancy, geology, ancient and scholarly knowledge’s, even to her own I Am That I Am as a lineage of great persons.

She like many others has had to find her way and relationships through to the higher mind and it’s call to her in order to mature upwards on and the Heavens many higher standards. Some paths had some real reliance in them about her and her own pure minds knowledge’s and she actually found books she herself had written in past lives long ago and far away. She was gracefully guided by her constituents some, on up to the Commander in the sky and he has been providing her thoughts and corrections for a long time now.

As the Light’s Monarch she is known to be precious companion among John ‘the Baptist’ or known also as the Padmasambhava. These two are the bright team throughout earth’s story-line of ‘A Light is On’ (the grandest phenomena in creation) and know it is a higher Commanded Law that has got to be returned to the heaven’s owner in polite protocol roles to A Golden Monarch Lands.  A Command Law is a actuary light living inside of a person’s head and is to a Purer Mentalities Higher Arch in the Heaven’s ‘actuarially’ as in a insurance plan. This is ‘The Law’ that is in this life’s time reclaimed and is progressively clearing out the miscreants and lessening their presence on the ascent to the pursuits of a heavens law lands, again.  It is to these two persons of primordial arch being on the land and in the heavenly sky to be serving to and towards and to rebuild their ideals to the inception of Creation anew, and the real majesty of us.

Only a short biographical entrée into this primordial person is possible. There are many titles, rules, accomplishing, reincarnations, and reincarnates among in progression paths at the present and a book will be presented for the presence of this person is too enormous for some, and some others have to have a full reporting so it is a ‘stature’ instate, not a statue!  

Tenacious is her own representing the law on high!  And we will close lots of the ‘history’ books including the bible etc. and open The Golden Books of Allah someday, and be able to go up and know her and the others in the Higher Arch and our many guest to a real representing and personnel reports and disclosures on I Am That, our purer identity in a essence to A Law.

Living in light roles and relations in pure person pursuits leads to eternal light’s life and a mutuality that is contiguous to her and to the Heavens Arch and to the Heaven’s Owners Own Heavenly Natures on the lands, as intended.  It is quite a accomplishing to be here and to make it right imperative.

The light in the sky is this in both Command Law Presenters to: A Heavens Heavenly us. And the thrill is… it is in amazing contents to be being here and amongst after four and a half billion years and should become the Real Treasure of Ah and La in anyone. These writings are going to carry us on up to a higher level. Please be my polite guest and have a nice time.